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Warehousing, storage and general business requirements can change from time to time, which means that it may sometimes be necessary to relocate your pallet racking systems – either within your existing property or from one location to another. Our professional and experienced team here at Pallet Racking provides pallet racking relocation services to assist you from start to finish.

Our team can assist you with the following aspects of pallet racking relocation:

  • Providing you with credit for racking items that may not be suitable for use in your new environment
  • Complete end to end relocation services including dismantling or teardown, packaging, transportation and re-installation at your new premises
  • We can assist you with designing a new layout for your pallet racking, which will ensure that available space is maximized
  • Our team will work with you to decide whether your existing pallet racking will be suitable for your new warehouse or factory, or whether you will need to replace a few components so that space usage can be maximized

If you would like further information about our warehouse relocation services, you can contact our team on our website or call us today on 1300 60 10 26.

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