Carpets, carpet pads, rolls of vinyl… they’re all stored inefficiently on pallets, making Carpet Racking a great storage alternative if you’re looking to maximise valuable floor space.

Our range of Carpet Racking solutions assist you in storing your carpet rolls, vinyl rolls and any other item that is quite long and awkward to put into storage. They’re also very secure and sturdy.

This storage method requires a limited amount of fuss with properly designed carpet racks allowing you to store carpet in dense bundles. While this maximises storage space, it also minimises storage wastage if you’re using pallets to store these kind of items at the moment.

Keep in mind that Carpet Racking can also be stacked in order to take advantage of storage height and to maximise storage space.

If you need to access any items stored at any time, you’ll have instant access if using Carpet Racking. Of course, the Pallet Racking team can work with you to customise a Carpet Racking system to meet your unique size, length and load requirements.

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