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Automated Warehouse Solutions

Automate your Storage System

Automate your Storage System

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The business climate in Australia is rapidly growing with the demand for efficiency is increasing. To cater for these changes, automation is now coming to your warehousing storage solutions. Future proofing your business means you not only need to consider careful planning and designs by racking experts, but, to also consider investing into automated storage solutions. Although the technology is not mainstream or 100% reliable yet, it is best to keep an eye out in this space.

Here are a few things automation could do to improve your storage systems:

Ease of Control

Storing inventory in and out is done automatically for you with minimal human interactions. The system is programmed to run on a railing system for when it completes its run, the system resets and works to the next pallet you may need. This cuts down time increasing efficiencies in organising products that have short shelf lives.

Work Under Pressure

Because every warehousing layout and system is different, there is in need to create a robust storage design that can operate under any pressure. Automated storage systems are designed to operate in high capacity, heavy weights and higher or low temperature conditions storage spaces. As a result, automated storage system in the long term becomes a reliable and future proof storage solution for when it becomes mainstream.

Increases in Speed and Efficiency

Automated storage systems are fast and efficient with gaining access to your inventory at little human effort. Automation ensures the bulk and the hardest part of your storage system is automated, giving you more opportunities to cut costs and maximise profits in the long term.

At Pallet Racking, we recognise that every business has different storage system demands. Therefore, it is important to consider a pallet racking system that is made to your needs. With over 25 years of experience and operating Australia wide, we can guarantee the best quality services and products at the best prices. For more information browse our site or call 1300 60 10 26.

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