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A safety fence system is an affordable heavy-duty barrier that protects products and people from injury. Here at Pallet Racking, we supply top quality industrial safety fencing that not only meets but exceeds the requirements of many applications and industries.

Safety fences that are supplied by Pallet Racking are designed with flexibility in mind and door entrance options are available on them as well. We are also able to supply a wide range of safety fence accessories such as brackets and mounting items. Our safety fence systems are suitable for warehouse, office and factory environments of all sizes.

Safety Fence System
Industrial Safety Fence
Industrial Safety Barriers Melborne
Pallet Racking Safety Barriers

Benefits of Safety Fences

  • They are impact-resistant and long-lasting
  • They have been designed with complete flexibility in mind to render them suitable for all environments
  • They are easy to install and relocate in cases where warehouse layouts change for any reason
  • Safety fences can be adapted to virtually any floor configuration
  • All of the safety fencing products supplied by meet and exceed all current Australian Standards

If you would like to find out more about our wide range of safety fencing systems, get in touch with our team at Pallet Racking through our website or call today on 1300 60 10 26.

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