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If you’re looking to use storage space more efficiently, look no further than Selective Pallet Racking Systems. Selective Pallet racking is industry standard and are currently the most commonly used racking systems. They’re compatible with all pallet types and sizes and can be used with any type of handling system, their flexibility and versatility are a real advantage.

The Pallet Racking Australia team recommends this solution to anyone looking for an inexpensive storage system that offers a high throughput rate as well as First In, First Out (FIFO) for many SKUs and low pallet quantities.

When looking at this solution, be sure to consider:

  • Desired storage density.
  • How much floor space is available.
  • Building height.
  • Inventory accessibility.
  • Rotation requirements.
  • Load size and weight.
  • Optimal storage design.
  • Cost of materials and installation.

These factors will determine whether a Selective Pallet Racking System is the right storage solution for you.

Also, be aware that Pallet Racking carries a large range of selective pallet racking components and can design a system to suit your specific space and budgetary needs.

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