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Our Powered Pallet Racking solutions are high-density storage banks with selective pallet racking mounted on mobile bases. It is an automated warehouse solution where these bases are electronically operated and is capable of moving aisles to enable access to required pallets. They can also be fitted with double-sided pallet racks.

As an automated warehouse system, a real benefit is that they’re designed to carry a safe workload of up to ten tones per bay. Of course, in certain industries, having an automated storage solution is incredibly advantageous.

One thing to be aware of when considering a Powered Pallet Racking Solution is that they do require a high capital outlay. Even though these costs are easily justified when storage space comes at a high price, it is something that needs to be factored into the decision-making process.

Our Powered Pallet Racking Solutions require a relatively small storage area with only one aisle required in a storage bank of up to 20 double-sided racks.

Safe and sturdy for palletized loads, this is a great option that doesn’t even have a need for special trucks.

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