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Sometimes also referred to as raised storage areas, mezzanine flooring systems provide additional storage space for your business without having to move to larger premises. Another advantage of these systems is that they can be relocated with your company if it does have to upgrade premises at any time.

Rack supported mezzanine floors can be used in virtually any industrial environment because they have racking underneath them to provide additional support. New and existing pallet racking can be used, and when using them in conjunction with mezzanine flooring systems, it can increase storage capacity substantially – even at affordable prices. If required, rack supported mezzanine flooring can be surfaced with wire mesh or timber to provide further stability.

Suitable Ares for Mezzanine Flooring:

  • Premises with high ceilings or roofs and/or empty overhead space.
  • New staff rooms, office areas, platform and storage requirements.

Benefits of Mezzanine Floors:

  • Existing utilities such as air-conditioning and/or heating can still be used.
  • Eliminate the need to relocate premises because storage space has run out.
  • Construction of mezzanine floors is simple and they can be relocated to different premises if necessary.
  • Up to three-tier mezzanine floors are available, all of which are highly cost-effective.


Height: Up to three tiers.

Weight: Loads of up to 5kpa are supported.

Wire mesh or timber surfaces available for finishing.

All of our products meet the applicable Australian safety standards.

If your business has overhead space that is currently not in use or you feel that it can be put to better use, warehouse mezzanine flooring could be the solution you are looking for. To help save costs, we also supply used mezzanine floors for sale.

Pallet Racking Australia is a Melbourne based supplier and our team will be glad to discuss various mezzanine flooring kits and design options with you. Give us a call today on 1300 60 10 26 or click on the button below to obtain a quote.

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