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Numerous companies take full advantage of warehouse storage space by using Clearspan mezzanine flooring. Using a Clearspan mezzanine floor system can eliminate the need for standard shelving, which can be bulky and expensive.

It can be multi-tiered, which allows for maximum usage of existing space in roof areas.

Before rushing off to relocate your business to larger premises, have a little chat with our experts at Pallet Racking about how you may be able to make the most of existing space with clearspan mezzanine flooring.

Suitable Areas for Clearspan Mezzanine Flooring Construction:

  • Areas where there is a shortage of space and where overhead space is currently empty
  • Companies needing extra office space
  • Any place where seamless integration with existing storage solutions is required

Clearspan Mezzanine floors have become extremely popular with warehouses that need additional space than regular warehouse pallet racks can give them by using empty overhead areas. Here at Pallet Racking we provide fast-track construction of these flooring units, which helps minimize any inconvenience.

A Clearspan mezzanine floor provides a cost-effective alternative to relocation and its lightweight steel structure renders it strong and durable. It is completely demountable, meaning that it can be relocated if need be, and it can add up to 100% extra storage space without additional rental being incurred.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from Clearspan mezzanine floors or any of our other raised storage solutions like warehouse pallet racks, Contact our experts today or call today on 1300 60 10 26

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