Many businesses and warehouses have difficulty making the most of their available storage space. However, here at, we have an ideal solution to this problem in the form of our heavy duty long span shelving systems. Not only are these systems extremely durable and easily adjustable; it has proven to be extremely effective for a wide range of small to medium-sized products as well.

Affordable Prices for Long Span Shelving Products

Our long span shelving products have been designed to support up to 4,000 kilograms per bay and 450 kilograms per shelf level UDL. It is normally also supplied with particle board that has been recessed into the beams. Alternatively, wire and steel shelves can be supplied, further enhancing the versatility level of these storage systems. In addition, long span shelving can easily be converted to raised storage areas to facilitate large scale order picking systems or for high density storage requirements.

Here at, we have an extensive range of high quality and heavy duty racking and long span racking options available. Contact our team today to find out how this type of storage will be beneficial to your business.