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How to Choose the Right Type of Pallet Racking

How to Choose the Right Type of Pallet Racking

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Regardless of whether you are considering buying new or used pallet racking, you will need to ensure that you are investing in the system that will be the most suitable for your warehouse storage requirements. There are some important points to consider before making a purchase, all of which will ensure that you end up with the right pallet racking system.

Can it Hold Enough Weight?

The weight that your pallet racking system will be able to hold will depend largely on its overall configuration. Other factors to consider include whether you will be using a single bay system or continuous runs, the length you would like each bay to be and whether mesh desks or MDF boards are going to be placed on each level or not. Each of these factors will play an important role when it comes to determining what the safe working load of your pallet racking system will be, and if a system cannot safely take the weight that you need it to take, you will need to opt for a stronger or heavier duty option.

What is the Racking System Storing?

If your pallet racking system is going to be used for storing goods that have a high turnover rate, it can increase the risk of it being damaged because of the higher rate of activity that will be experienced. Using a higher weight loading capacity will render it more durable, while also countering the high use of loading and unloading the racking. A great way to maintain your pallet racking system is to make use of Erect-A-Rack’s range of protection products. These include additional column guards and highly durable end protectors, both of which reduce damage in the event of a storage-related accident occurring.

Keep Restrictions or Limitations in Mind

All existing limitations and restrictions need to be kept in mind when designing your pallet racking system. For example, if your current forklift can only raise to a height of 4m, don’t install the racking to a height of 6m – unless you intend upgrading your forklifts as well. It is also important to remember that certain forklifts are best suited to specific types of pallet racking systems. While counterbalanced-type forklifts may be recommended for Drive-in Pallet Racking Systems (DPR) with medium aisles for low volumes, the reach-type forklifts are best suited to DPR systems that have medium aisles and slightly higher volumes.

Do You Have a Floor Plan?

Before choosing a pallet racking system, you will need to have a practical floor plan in mind. This will help determine the amount of pallets you will be able to store and how much floor space will be needed to do so. It is also important to ensure that the system you choose will not only fit in the space that you have allocated for it, but that it will still be safe and efficient as well. Erect-A-Rack offers warehouse layout design services as well, which helps us to ensure that your storage space will be optimized as much as possible, while still suiting your needs.

Allow the employees at Erect-A-Rack to help you choose the best pallet racking to suit your needs. Contact us on (03) 9796 5077 today to discuss your pallet racking and warehouse storage requirements.

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