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Would A Mezzanine Floor Be The Right Solution For Your Business?

Would a Mezzanine Floor be the Right Solution for Your Business?

Would a Mezzanine Floor be the Right Solution for Your Business?

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Space tends to be something that a large number of businesses run short on at one stage or another. While relocating your business may be an option in a case like this, this is not only an extremely costly procedure; your business will experience a significant level of disruption during the relocation process. In addition, extra space may not always be available close to your existing warehouse for extension purposes. However, there may be an alternative solution on hand in the form of a mezzanine floor.

Looking Up

Instead of trying to figure out where or how you are going to try and expand floor space in your warehouse, consider the fact that there may be unused space above you – which could be ideal for having a mezzanine floor installed in. This is a far more cost-effective solution than warehouse relocation and additional space can be taken advantage of far quicker as well.

A mezzanine floor is partial flooring that is installed between 2 existing levels of flooring and to do so means that no costly renovation work will have to be carried out. While this is a great way to increase existing warehouse space, its overall design must enable the area to be used safely and practically. Aspects such as height clearance and overall weight rating of a mezzanine floor must be taken into consideration, and it is also essential to install safety railings that will prevent injuries.

Other Factors to Consider Before Installing Mezzanine Floors

  • Does your structure need to be permanent or can it be transportable in the event that you need to relocate your warehouse at a later stage? One of the main advantages of mezzanine floors is that they can easily be put up or taken down if need be.
  • Environmental situations must be considered when designing a mezzanine floor. For example, if your warehouse is located in an area where earthquakes are known to occur, higher quality steel must be used during construction.
  • If your warehouse is situated in a flood prone area, elevated mezzanine floors are idea for ensuring that products are kept off warehouse floors until water subsides.
  • Construction and overall design must be done according to current Australian Building Codes.
  • Always take occupational Health and Safety regulations into consideration. For example, what type of treads will be required on the mezzanine floor’s staircase? Will warning signs of any type be required? Is it necessary to prevent customers from entering the area for safety reasons? Is screening needed to prevent smaller items from falling through the floor and injuring anyone below it?
  • Is a dedicated platform needed for loading purposes?
  • Will racks or shelves need to be placed above or below the mezzanine floor? An advantage is that the uprights used on pallet rack shelving can also be placed underneath the floor to use for additional shelf space or they can be installed through the floor from the bottom to make room for additional shelving above it as well.

Having mezzanine floors installed is the fastest and most budget-friendly method for most businesses to increase existing storage space without them having to experience downtime because of having to relocate to alternative premises. Contact our team today to find out more about installing this type of storage space in your warehouse.

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