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Store Unused Pallet Racking Correctly To Retain Its Value

Store Unused Pallet Racking Correctly to Retain its Value

Store Unused Pallet Racking Correctly to Retain its Value

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If a company has changed the layout of its warehouse at some point, chances are that employees may have disassembled a few pallet racks to create space for cross-docking or other forms of bulk storage. If so, they may be wondering what can be done with the leftover racking. Should it be stored undercover for the short-term foreseeable future or is there anything else that can be done with it?

Is Long Term Outdoor Storage Viable?

If warehouse managers intend storing pallet racking outdoors for more than a few months, this may not always be the best option. While it will protect the racking to an extent from the elements, it could be costing money in the form of wasted space, especially when it becomes a long term situation.

Many companies find it a tremendous burden to store unused pallet racking indefinitely, which results in them sending it to another branch of their franchise (if applicable), sell it or even auction it off – only a few will consider keeping it ‘in case it is needed later.’ While this can save money in that new racking won’t have to be purchased at a later stage if the warehouse layout changes, this is usually not the case. In fact, in most instances, the racking deteriorates to the point where it becomes unsafe to use because it has been left outdoors for too long.

All Pallet Racking Deteriorates Over Time

Whenever we see unused pallet racking being stored outdoors, we gently suggest to owners that it may be a better idea for them to sell it off while it is still usable. If they are not open to this idea, we recommend that they keep the unused units covered with a weatherproof cover of sorts. However, this is not always a good idea because tarps also deteriorate over time, which results in the units being exposed to the elements anyway. This not only results in the racking rusting; it has a direct effect on its load-carrying capacity as well because it can make it unsafe for use.

Consult with the Experts

Pallet rack installers who adhere to industry compliance regulations will not install racking if it shows any signs of damage or corrosion. In addition, any racking or components that are damaged and that show signs of corrosion or other forms of wear and tear should be discarded. In cases where companies have excess pallet racking that is not going to be used within a month or two at most, it is normally better to sell it off. There are companies available that will pay upfront for these units and collect them as well – in fact, these companies will normally disassemble it before packing it up and taking it to be reused or sold.

In cases where pallet racking is going to be reused soon, it should be reassembled by a reputable company. Call us today for further information regarding the removal of unused racking or to find out more about our available storage solutions.


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